Our Process

Our Technology Assessment
Identifies Areas of Innovation

The following steps are designed to gather information on your district's current utilization of technology. The data our team collects will provide a base evaluation with suggestions

Intro Meeting

let's get to know each other and discuss your district's vision.

Teacher Surveys

Our unique anonymous survey does a great job identifying your staff's perception of technology.

Data collection

Inventory, maps, recurring IT expenses, diagrams, and available documentation.

Presentation Meeting

Presentation and explanation of our report with suggested strategies and options.
Differentiate your district

Area's of Focus

Stability starts here


The foundation infrastructure for your school is critical to the success of everything you do. Issues with the foundation are amplified across every system and software your school adopts. School Tech Team deploys a proven technology foundation for your school. We guarantee performance and 99% uptime for a 1:1 environment. This includes all needed wiring, network, wireless, and systems needed. Our Google centric approach combines advanced technologies and cloud services to achieve amazing reliability and features.
Protect your school

Safety & Security

Our multi point approach to security will cover your school proactively adapting to new challenges. School Tech Team is constantly monitoring new threats and government mandates. Systems and procedures are implemented for content filtering, identity protection, network protection, bully and self-harm notifications, and building access control and monitoring.
Save Time
Making IT Easy

Efficient & Automated

Automation and integration of technology tools, user identities, and data is critical to keeping things simple. Data starts with your schools SIS. Our solution uses SIS data to create new accounts, update roster info, single sign on for any app, correlate students and staff to any system, custom app launchpad, LMS integration, automatic graduation, and more. No more wrong passwords, account issues, csv uploading, or wasting time. Classroom management tools are included to monitor and guide student technology use and promote responsible learning.
Insight & Expertise

IT Management and Support

Let us show you what an experienced team of experts can accomplish. Our flat fee all inclusive proactive approach is what makes this possible. By creating a rock-solid foundation, protecting it, and making it efficient and simple it becomes cost effective. Our team will update and adapt your systems to constantly keep up with advancements. We provide one point of contact for all technology needs and training for your staff to help support the technology. Analytics, tech planning, documentation, process, insight and more.
Engage Students
Lesson Plan Coaching

Integrating Technology With Curriculum

Packages are available to help instructors with integrating technology into lesson plans or even developing instructional strategies. Professional learning domains, workshops, and individual coaching is available. Plans can be customized to meet the needs of your district.
K12 Nexus
Cost Effective

K12 Communications Redefined

Finally a communication system designed specifically for schools. A single easy to use cloud based service that modernizes your communications. VOIP phones, mass notifications, bully hotline, bell schedules, and much more!